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Kape Kape (Tembak) bird


Posted by Curup Kami

Kape kape Tembak Bird
In native name as Kape kape bird or Kape kape tembak bird one of some chirping birds that you can find in tropical rain forest in Rejang Land, especially in Rejang lebong regency. Many collector or hobbies love this bird coz his beautifull sing when kape kape birds are chirping. . Can you imagine, make you feel be present in deep tropical rain forest when hear the bird singing it? At glance this bird similar look like as Burung Jenggot / beard birds (Native name) or Criniger bress.

If any reader as Expertly birds can give more information abaut this bird, please add your comment. Your information will be usefull for all reader.


Jakarta Birder ( Who am I? ) said...
July 22, 2009  
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Also known as Cucak Jenggot...

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