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Pangio kuhlii sumatranus, Fraser-Brunner, 1940


Pangio kuhlii sumatranus

Pangio kuhlii sumatranus, Fraser-Brunner, 1940

Origin: Sumatra

Pangio kuhlii sumatranusEtymology: Unknown.

Synonyms:None, often mixups with Pangio kuhlii kuhli have occurred.

First European import:Germany,1909

Description: See pictures.

Care: These fish can be kept single, or with a few fish combined, but then larger tanks are required with lots of hideouts. Pangio kuhlii sumatranus is a night active fish, that is seldom visible during the day. They are best kept in tanks with a sandy soil, or even better, a peat layer on the bottom. Not too much light, lots of driftwood, and soft, slightly acidic to acidic water. The fish require higher temperatures, above 25 degrees.

Temperature:25-30 degrees.

Feeding: Omnivorous, all food is taken. Fish eggs are relished!

Size: Up to 12 cm

pH: 5.0-6.5

Breeding: Has been bred occasionally, although no detailed breeding reports are available. The fish will spawn near the surface, and the green eggs will stick to the roots of floating plants.

Sexual dimorphism: Unknown

khuli loach (Acanthophtalmus kuhli sumatranus)
khuli loach (Acanthophtalmus kuhli sumatranus)
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Native Region: Southeast Asia - (West Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan Timur and Kalimantan Barat in Borneo) and Malay Peninsula at least as far north as Phangnga.
Temperament: Community. Reclusive & nocturnal.
Feeding: Wide diet as a scavenger. Feed at night.
Temperature Range: 74-84°F.
pH: 5.8-6.8
dH range: 5.0 - 9.0
Potential Size: 3"
Sexing: Hard to tell. Males have a more muscular upper body appearance, and usually have larger pectoral fins with more black markings on them. Females are wider bodied in the belly
Breeding Kuhli Loaches and Raising Fry
General Comments: Very shy.
Price:Rp 500/ekor (US$ 0.05 /each)


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