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Musa sumatrana 'Zebrina' (Rojo)


Growing Information

  • Temp: For best growth above 65°F is recommended. Wind tolerant

  • Light: Full sun to no less than 30% shade. Foliage growers should use 30%-60% shade.

  • Soil: Good water holding capacity is needed

  • Mature Height: 5-7'

  • Type: Ornamental, Green & Red

  • Hardiness: Zone 9-10

  • Major Pests: Borers, grasshoppers, and root nematodes

  • Diseases: Panama disease and Black Sigatoka (a leaf spot disease)

  • Origin: NA
This is a plant grown for its attractive foliage only. The fruit is seeded and inedible. The slender plant grows 5-7 feet and is wind and cold resistant. It is well adapted to container growing and when grown this way will only reach 3-5 feet unless grown in a very large container. The stem is completely red. The leaves are narrow with green and red mottling on the top and solid maroon coloring on the bottom.



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