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Lebong Gold Field


Lebong gold field is the flagship joint venture arrangement project between CNMC Goldmine Limited and Indonesia’s PT. TANSRI MADJID ENERGI, in which exploring and mining of gold will be carried out in the locations of Lebong Donok, Tambang Sawah, Air Belinau, and Lebong Simpang.

The Lebong gold field consisting of an area of approximately 30,925 acres is located in North Lebong District, Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province. Access to the area is by travelling an hour away from Jakarta by air, and approximately 5 hours via road from Bengkulu to Muaraaman.

The area is underlain by volcanic rocks of Tertiary and Quaternary age. Mineralization in Lebong Tambang area is associated with the bonanza veins that were formed in dilatant extensional settings, closely associated with dacite intrusions.

Veins filled with quartz, chalcedony, calcite, zeolite, adularia, and metal sulphide bands have been discovered, and several have reported good gold resources content.

An exploration program consisting of core drilling and geochemistry will be launched jointly with their geologist team during forth quarter 2007 to prove the gold reserves.



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