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Barred-eagle Owl - Bubo Sumatranus - Burung Hantu Rajawali


The Bird Bubo Sumatranus have endemic habitat at Sumatra Island, include Kerinci seblat National Park

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8°31' 09" S, 115°15' 28" E
* Latin Name: Bubo Sumatranus
* Indonesian Name: Burung Hantu Rajawali
* Status: Near threatened
* Distribution: Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali
* Habitat: Lowland
* Remarks: Found bathing in pools or streams. Makes various strange loud calls ascribed to demons in local folklore. Flies fast and low from it's daytime hiding place as dusk falls. The Barn Owl found in almost every continent in the world, exhibits triking adaptations to predatory life. Forward looking eyes provide acute three dimensional vision, while feathers around face amplify faint sounds.

Taman Safari Collection. Cisarua, Indonesia

8°30' 33" S, 115°15' 06" E
heheh… it head looks flattish owing to elegant side-swept ear tufts feathers. ^_~ this awesome bird unfortunately rarely seen, confining itself to the lowland forests near plantations fields, and emerging from its daytime roosting place mostly at dusk. ó_ò it has some unusual calls, which are often thought to be attributable to mysterious demons ó_ò by the local people. ö_ö hoo hoo-hoo, and a harsh quacking kakakakakak…^o^ lols
*-barred eagle-owl, also known as malay eagle-owl and oriental eagle-owl
bubo sumatranus or bubo sumatrana
photography taken at Batubulan – Bali – Indonesia



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