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Curup Kota Idaman - Curup is ambitious town


The motto of Curup Administration " KOTA IDAMAN ", a dream city,IDAMAN is an abreviation from INDAH dan AMAN means BEAUTIFUL and SAFE, the peoples said beautiful of its green forest, , beautiful of mountains, beautiful of water fall, beautiful its virgin of nature and SAFE for who come and visit this small and cool town Curup in Province Bengkulu (Meiyergani Comment`s)

traditional house beside official head goverment house

Those who do come right up to you are usually kids

Monumen Rakyat - People Monument at central town

Rice machine area

Traditional market

Public Transportion (People in this town call Angkot) in Sukowati Street, the main street with many official building of Goverment

Very Old House thats tire in this town

Sukowati Street with background Bukit Basah

Jl.Merdeka, a main street of Curup, see the side of street, it veri nice be pedestrian in this way

The hearth of Curup Town, Merdeka Street

CURUP'S MAIN STREET taken from Hotel Wisata

Hotel Wisata baru, it is one of few small hotel at Curup Town

Sukowati Street with back ground Basah Hill in the west. Basah mean wet coz some time the hill change colour to be dark as a sign rain will be fall immediately. Just imaging how nice this town as resting place.

The Titan Arum Flower Monument at Curup's main street. Titan Arum called in bahasa as Bunga Bangkai, and Rejang Language call Bungei Kibut. Rejang Land one is biggest Habitat Titan Arum in Sumatera Island, but the habitat now endagered! So Bad! May be we need support from foundation such as Green Peace:)

Special thanks to Alexmuhibat and meiyergani copyright collection photos


Anonymous said...
June 05, 2009  
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I was born in Curup......it's a beautiful town.....i will go back there someday !!

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