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Abaut Rejang


Abaut Rejang

The Rejang people primarily live in the province of Bengkulu, specifically in the Rejang Lebong Regency and a large portion of the North Bengkulu Regency. Most of the Rejang live on the cool mountain slopes of the Bukit Barisan mountain range. This area is still covered in thick jungle. The Rafflesia Flower (the world's largest flower) as well as beautiful orchids grow wild throughout this area.The Rejang have their own language, Rejang, with four dialects: Kapahyang (Rejang Ho), Selupuh (Rejang Musai), Rejang Lebong and Rejang Pesisir.
The majority of the Rejang profess Islam. However, animism is an integral part of their daily life and beliefs. For example, a spirit called masumai is believed to be able to take the form of either tiger or a man and is the most frightening of all creatures for the Rejang.They believe strongly in the unseen world and a wide variety of different spirits with names such as semat, sebei sebeken, orang bunian, and roh padi (spirit of the rice). They use magic for a great range of purposes: to harm enemies who are far away, to make ritual oaths in secret places (including grave yards), and to practice divination at holy shrines.

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