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Folk song : Oi Rung Sayang


Oi Rung Sayang

This is Rejang folk song spelling with lebong dialect. Oi Rung sayang meaning, Oh my beloved darling, Rung. Create by Anthoni Mukhtar, telling about lady name Rung to get maried with another man. He telling how he sadness and dispointed for Rung decision.

Video clip captured at tourism area from Rejang land in Lebong regency. The area is Bioa putiak hot spring and hydroelectric power in Tes lake.

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Oh My dearest, Rung

Oh dear Rung, I never think
If this news will be coming
I try to believe all stories
There is no choice I must to accept

For long time we spend our love together
Made in plan by plan for future
Happy and sadness together
But now I feel so dispointed

Broken hearth follow by sadness songs
There is no possible to see you again
From many years with my hoping
Never think it will be end with suffering

Oh, my dear Rung why you go
To leave me in sorrow
I was willing you to another one
I hope you happy eternally


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