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Folk song : Lenget (Miss you)


Singer by Aan Zacky
Passumah land folksong

This is folk song from Passumah land with located as neighbour Rejang land. The native language still exist in Lahat, Pagar Alam, Kaur and South Bengkulu Regency.

This song tell about missing some one from his life. Lenget meaning is miss or lost. In this song can be translate to miss you. The shooting capture in Lahat with Serello mountain as background, and the singer wear the native malay custom dress from Passumah land.

(Kehilangan mu)

Terjemahan bebas by Imrodilli Kaur

Sendiri, kini aku sendiri
Untuk apa ada bila semua telah sirna
Sendiri, kini aku sendiri
Kemana lagi, kemana lagi aku mencari
Siang ku terkenang...
Malam ku terbayang...
Rindu... aku merindu, rasa takkan bertemu
Sendiri...kini aku sendiri....
Bukan dipinta oh bukan mauku
Kita berpisah, ada di sini, ada sana...
Oh Adekku seorang, adekku kusayang
Pejamkanlah mata didalam mimpi
Kita bertemu
Kapankah, kapan (lagi) akan ku temukan (dirimu)

Missing you

Alone, now I am lonely
All gone, everything disappear
Alone, now I am lonely
Where the place any more I must looking for (you)?

At day I remember (you)
At night I imagine (you)
I fell belonging for you too much, feel will be not met you any more
Alone, now I am lonely

It is not a requested, oh it is not wanna to
We separately in every where
Oh my darling, my beloved lover
Close your eyes as your dream
We will be meet (in dream)

When? when will the time come again to me to see you any more?

Credit :
Thanks fro Imrodilli Kaur to give the file song


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