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Mencari Jejak Kakek yang Hilang, ada yang bisa bantu?


Banyak kisah perjalanan hidup seorang penambang emas, salah satunya adalah Benyamin William yang di cari-cari khabar beritanya oleh keluarganya hingga hari ini. Benyamin di masa lalu pernah bertugas di Lebong Tandai. Bila ada yang tahu informasinya (mungkin turunan beliau ada di tanah rejang? ) mohon membuka website untuk detailnya:


Semoga keluarga ini segera memperoleh informasi keluarganya.

From: Paul Williams
28 June 2005
Benjamin Williams 1862-1934

Hi ya,
I am trying to discover more about my grandfather Benjamin Williams,
1862-1934. I have a reprint of a South Wales Echo, which mentions he had
saved numerous Malay's in a gold mine accident in Sumatra in September 1912.
It also mentions he was in the Cilfynydd rescue work, I am currently

Brief history for my grandfather:

  • Benjamin Williams: born July 10th 1862 in 1 Woodland Row,
    Briton Ferry, Glamorgan.
  • 1872-1878 Collier boy from age of 10 at Steep Coal Measures, Neath
    Briton Ferry District
  • 1884-1902 Merthyr Stream Coal Collieries in Maerdy Collier; Timberman;
    Contractor and Official
  • 31/01/1888 2nd Class Certificate No 309
  • 01/01/1893 Night Fireman 6 Foot Seam, North West, Maerdy
  • 1896-1897 2nd Class Certificate in Geology
  • 10/05/1897 2nd Class Certificate as Under Manager No 3127
  • 07/06/1900 1st Class Certificate as Colliery Manager No 1695
  • Mining and Geology Certificates under Science and Arts Dept, Ferndale
  • 1902 worked for 3 years as a prospector, Mine Foreman and Master
    Sinker in Ghana
  • 15 months Chida Wassaw Company
  • 10/03/1903 appointed Temporary Manager
  • 17/12/1903 reference worked at Chida Wassaw mine for one year
  • 9 months Prestea Company Block A Gold Mines
  • 12 months Chida Wassaw Gold Mines Company
  • 1905-1907 1st Class Certificate Manager The Lower Gilfach Colliery
  • 1907-1909 under manager at Cynon and Whitchurch Collieries, Cymmer,
    Port Talbot.
    Had mining and sinking contracts here.
  • June 1909-1911 Manager at Llanover Pits, Argoed leaving 31st July 1911
  • Aug 1911 Lebong Donok Gold mine, Sumatra
  • 1912 Lebong Soelit Gold mine, Sumatra
    Lebong Tandai (Simau) Gold Mine, Sumatra
    ”preselected employment as miner till the end of June (1912) and as Mine
    Captain for the last 2 month
  • South Wales Echo article appears to be from September 1912
  • 19/04/1934 Died Tydfil Lodge, Merthyr Tydfil

Any help would be most welcome, and i thank you in advance,
Kind regards
Paul Williams


I have seen a posting from Paul Williams on your website. He may be my mothers' (Marilyn Davis (nee Williams) cousin. My mothers father was Ivor Williams. He is enquiring about his grandfather who would be my Great Grandfather. I would love to get in touch with him.

Thank you for your help and your website in providing such useful information.

Stella Jones


Williams Family Tree ( Who am I? ) said...
July 31, 2008  
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if you would like to look at my grandfathers webpage its at williamsfamilytree.blogspot.com
kind regards
paul williams

Williams Family Tree ( Who am I? ) said...
August 03, 2008  
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searched through your blog found pictures of gold mines my grandfather worked at so pleased to finally find those pictures many thanks
kind regards
Paul Williams

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